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Ipraktik — the integral development app

The idea of integral development is simple. If you not only develop your mind, for example, but also

— train your body (work out, swim, practice yoga or tai chi),
— work with your emotions (mental blocks, complexes),
— devote time to the eternal (meditate on your breathing, for example),

and you do this every day, you’ll make much faster progress than if you focus on one thing only.

Normally we concentrate our efforts in a single area, but numerous scientific studies show that integral practice accelerates and enhances human development at all levels.

Ipraktik — the integral development app



It’s all a matter of time

Keep track of the time you spend on various practices. Just choose a practice, select timer or stopwatch, and begin! You can choose a sound to signal the beginning or end of a practice, and you can also set a delay.




Plan your practice, and set reminders.


Track your progress, and calibrate your practice to achieve an integral balance.


Learn about the integral approach and a broad range of self-development practices.



Dmitry Baranov
Concept, design
Ilya Narinsky
Interface, design
Anastasia Gorban
Denis Krut
Technical coordination

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